I am starting something new on our practice website that involves blogging my thoughts on a different topic each week. Today’s topic will be boundaries and self-care.  

I have heard over the past several years how busy our lives are and how we are tired or have trouble getting enough sleep. Work, school, family responsibilities, socializing with friends, or taking care of house chores are all examples of how we spend most of our time. We easily give our time and energy freely to others because we want to be helpful and supportive. People call us at all times of the day to vent and dump their feelings on us. Ask yourself these questions: How often do you take the time to check in with yourself? Who is checking in with you? Do you set healthy boundaries with others so they can be respectful of your time? If you give so much of yourself, what is left at the end of the week to focus on your important needs?  

Self-care is vital to maintain work-life balance. You need to make sure there is enough energy and time to engage in important and healthy activities that allow you to feel grounded and centered. I tell many of my clients it only takes 5-7 minutes a day to engage in mindfulness/meditation activities that can help reduce anxiety and depression levels. Enough with distracting and avoiding. Remember your needs are equally important.  

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Have a meaningful and purposeful week.  

-Julie Biffle, MS, LMHC