Life Stages Counseling is a private practice born out of need for great quality therapist. Giving great quality service to its clients.

Life may seem overwhelming, as if you are alone and no one understands you. Maybe you

have an issue with someone, but the thought of conflict makes you shut down and avoid the

situation. Perhaps you are anxious or consumed with worry or afraid of disappointing others. I

have worked with many patients who struggle to stay connected in relationships or effectively

communicate with others. You could struggle with anger issues and use anger to defend and

protect yourself from being hurt.

We first focus on building the therapy alliance, which I will describe in detail with you. We use

an eclectic approach. You do the work; we support you and collaborate with you in your


Our role as psychotherapist is not to fix you or advise you what to do. We are here to listen,

become attuned to your experiences and ask you important questions. There is no room for

judgement. We focus on creating a safe space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and life