As the year draws to a close, I think it’s important to do some overall self-reflection in 2023. What lessons did you learn? What are some of your behavioral patterns that you want to disrupt and change? What goals were you able to achieve this year? What were the hardest parts of the year? How did you manage through it all? Many are struggling with depression and anxiety, trying to juggle a wide variety of responsibilities. Sometimes coping skills and mindfulness activities are not enough to manage issues like insomnia, difficulty focusing, lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed. There are no simple solutions to these issues because as a whole, we are all different people with different histories and personalities.

Ideally, outpatient therapy with medication management has the potential to provide the most ideal outcomes. If you are uncomfortable with psychotropic medications or have had a negative experience with medication, explore the possibility of connecting with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (NP). NPs usually have significant experience as a nurse, so they are adept at listening to your needs and truly care about the issues that are important to you. You will not feel just like a number, and you will always see the same NP at each appointment. At Life Stages Counseling, we have a Psychiatric NP’s who will not pressure you to take medications. Instead, the NP will explore other options first, then discuss medication if necessary. 

As New Year’s Day is quickly approaching, why not explore the possibility of seeing a new medication provider? If you are unhappy with your current provider for any reason, explore the option of seeing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

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Our Nurse Practitioner specializes in medication management and is committed to empowering you on your health journey. Take control of your medication regimen, enhance your understanding of prescriptions, and achieve better health outcomes under the guidance of our skilled NP. Visit our website or schedule a call now at (317) 649-1757