David Kyrie


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Author of War on COVID: Heroes, Victims, and Villains of the 2020 Pandemic 

Race/Ethnicity: Filipino/Alaskan native/Caucasian


  • United Healthcare/ Optum
  • Anthem /BCBS
  • IU Health
  • Aetna
  • All Medicaid’s
  • Care Source

Sees patients ages 10+ for medication management in-person and some virtual

Dave Kyrie has dedicated his career to the service of others. With 18 years in healthcare, he has worked in a variety of settings including trauma, intensive care, behavioral health, surgical recovery, and deployed medicine with the US Army.

He has seen how the challenges and tragedies of life can affect people, and his dedication to help others to recover in a hospital changed to a passion to collaborate with patients to improve the quality of their life. This passion led him to pursue education as a PMHNP where he focused primarily on adult and adolescent mood disorders, traumatic response, and recovery from substance use disorders. Dave believes that all individuals have inherent value and are deserving of help and opportunities to improve their life.

Dave works collaboratively with adults and adolescents, aged 12 years and up who experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, difficulty with sleep, substance use disorders, and other behavior disruptions.

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