As summer months are progressing, and the end of summer being around the corner, I think now is a great time to discuss stress and anxiety. Whether a student preparing to return to school, or a parent preparing to get their child ready for school, it certainly can be a stressful time for families. School supplies, activities, sports, and other events can create financial stress and anxiety for families. It can be hard to plan a vacation or participate in social events if money is tight. 

So how can one manage these stressors and reduce anxiety levels? If in therapy, it would certainly be a great area to explore with a therapist. Planning ahead and coming up with ways to save money by making lists and buying only the basics or some of the things may be helpful. Even purchasing the most important items at first could work. Sometimes organizations or non-profits provide assistance with school supplies. 

Try finding activities to do that are free or inexpensive. Going on a walk, visiting a park, checking out free activities on Eventbrite are all examples of inexpensive ideas to get you started. Finding ways to engage in relaxation and mindfulness can possibly help with reducing anxiety. What can you plan this week to work on your self-care?