Good morning. I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts about the holidays, with today being Christmas, and some out there celebrating these festivities. Each year, clients out there are struggling with hosting family events, planning travel to see family, financial stressors, or making arrangements for children to spend time with each parent after divorce. These triggers can create stress, leave some feeling anxious and overwhelmed. To help manage some of these stressors, it is important to set some healthy boundaries with others. Learning to say ‘No’  can be a powerful way to open up more space and time for your own needs.

Finding a therapist with solid clinical skills that can be present with you and create a safe space for you to talk about thoughts and feelings that matter most to you can allow you to feel supported and reduce some of these stressors. One way to help you determine if you and your current therapist are connecting and relating would be to ask yourself if you are finding value in that one-hour appointment. Is your therapist giving you tools you can apply in your daily life? Does your therapist work hard to create the therapy alliance?

If you are in need of a therapist and want to start the year off by starting to work on yourself, give us a call. We do free 15 minute phone consultations to determine if we are a good fit. Mental health counseling services are about you having the courage to decide you want to work on yourself. Let’s take this journey together.

Empower Your Journey to Mental Health

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